Black Beauty Granite

Black Beauty granite is a natural, nearly black, sedimentary volcanic breccia with triangular clasts in a fine-grained, grey groundmass. A sedimentary rock found at the boundary between greenstone and conglomerate. This stone internationally may be nominated as a granite but in the area of application of the European Standard it is most likely to be nominated as an igneous breccia. The veining and colour varies hugely therefore a small sample of Black Beauty granite may not be representative of the whole slab therefore swatch samples must be approved for large projects to ensure that the blocks are all extracted from the same quarry face for matching purposes. During the polishing process a clear epoxy resin filler may be used to fill any micro fissures or tiny pitting however this does not affect the integrity of the stone, it merely provides an even smoother surface finish. Black Beauty granite is suitable for both interior and exterior use futhermore is probably frost resistant with a constant polish.