Fantasy Brown Marble

Fantasy Brown marble is basically a smooth, brown marble from India. With off-white and brown shades at its base, Fantasy brown marble has cool gray waves and twirls that extend diagonally on the slab. In addition to these, it also has very dull tones of green and rose, due to mineral formations, that collectively contribute to its uniqueness. This stone is not just admired for its amazing appearance but also known for its durability and hardness that is relatively more than that of the typical marble, thus making it apt for creating countertops, kitchen islands, accent walls, and floor tiles.

This modern tile is crafted from fine natural marble giving it its distinctive and elegant flair. Use this marble tile to create stunning accent walls, floors, showers, and other interior features. In addition to polished 12×24 tiles, this exquisite marble is available in slabs to complete your project.