H White Quartzite

H White Quartzite is a grayish-white quartzite without much color variation. Flooring and roofing are its major applications. Its unique texture and finish make this stone a preferred choice among architects. This stone product is highly demanded in all corners of the world due to its inherent features. H White Quartzite has a minor tonal color variation with its availability in the natural split surface. These are fireproof and non-slippery in nature. It is brittle in texture and highly durable.

It is considered ideal for flooring, paving, and roofing. It can easily withstand every kind of climate whether it is freezing cold, scorching summer or heavy rain. These qualities make it the top choice for exterior applications. The H Quartzite Stone makes it favorite for landscaping projects. It is available in a variety of finishes like honed, cleft, polished, etc.