SRA Slate

SRA Slate is one very exclusive slate stone that besides being multicolor shaded gives a three-dimensional look when natural. It carries almost all the colors of the rainbow, similar to the gaze that one gives to a rainbow just after the rain, SRA to leaves its onlooker mesmerized with its beauty and appeal. SRA Slate brings in a touch of Individuality to your floor/wall and thus giving personalized accent to any surrounding and thus turning the surrounding truly special. SRA Slate Stones combine the smooth surface appearance with the excellent non-slip property even when wet.

The beauty of SRA Slate stone is that it blends well with any home/office. It is available in a variety of sizes and so it can be made in random or formal patterns as may be conceptualized by the architects. The natural beauty and gentle color variation of SRA Slate stone give it a timeless appeal that blends with any home/office. SRA Slate stone pavings have enduring quality and are like a vintage wine that is getting better with age.